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Welcome on! We have the largest collection of jewel games on the net. We are adding all time new jewel games, come back and play your favorite jewels games!
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jewels quest 3
Ultimate Jewel
Ultimate Jewel is a classic jewels game. Swap the jewels to create 3 or more of a kind to earn points and complete level.

Diamonds is a classic jewels game. The tiles are different diamonds, match them and earn as much points as you can.

Pimp My Grill
Choose your favorite hero and play the game! Fill the bling-o-meter and pimp your hero's grill!

The Jewel Hunter
Are you a good driver? Go into the car and take a ride, collect as many jewels as you can and avoid the obstacles!

You must to capture the treasure, but is not easy, there are a lot of cops looking for you, be careful!

The Jewels Gear
This is a different jewel game. You can rotate your board to the left or right to match the jewels and solve the puzzle.

Diamond Mine
Diamond mine is a classic jewel game. Match the jewels and get a higher score, and don't forget to watch the clock.

This is an adventure game, you have to collect various jewels and bring them to the base, and dodge other creatures.

Rainbow Spider
In this game you are a spider trying to collect diamonds and other jewels. Use your rainbow web to jump and collect power.

Jewels 3D
Play the classic jewels game 3D! Fill the treasure chest with jewels and complete as many levels as you can!

Mine Solver
Mine Solver is a new jewel game. You have to push all the marbles on the indicated places to solve each level.

Mina's Jewelry Shop
Help Mina with her jewelry shop. Drag the correct jewelry to the bag, and drag the bag to the correct buyer!

jewels games online